Divorce in the Side of a Marriage Counselling Values


  •   Tonny Andrean

  •   David Ming

  •   Novita Loma Sahertian


At the annual conference of The American Psychiatric Association (APA) in Miami, there was a workshop entitled "Family Crisis". The results of a study said that in the last 30 years, 60% of families in the United States ended in divorce, and 70% of their children did not develop well, behave deviant or antisocial. For example seen juvenile delinquency, abuse of NAZA (Narcotics, Alcohol, and other Addictive Substances), promiscuity, deviant sexual behavior and so on. It was also stated that divorce rates are increasing, marriages are decreasing because many people choose to live together without marriage or single life and free sex. Disloyalty (abuse) among families in the US turned out not to be the monopoly of husbands alone, but 40% of the wives there were also involved in affair with third parties. Of the five marriages in the first five years, three divorces occurred. The author gives the purpose of writing to discuss the crisis in the household, rebuild the household and give Christian values ​​in counteracting divorce. The author uses descriptive literature research method data and provides research results: How a harmonious family can be established dynamically if we base our family building on the basis of strong Christian spirituality values ​​accompanied by a fabric of good communication between us and our children. Surprisingly few studies have explored the implications of divorce happened because family can not be established, especially in young adulthood. This study addresses several theoretical arguments linking divorce in the side of spiritual value with reduced religious involvement in young adulthood and tests relevant hypotheses using data from a unique sample. Results show that divorce in the side of spiritual value is associated with substantially lower communicate religious involvement among young adults in their families house.

Keywords: divorce, marriage, value, spirituality


AIDS is a deadly venereal disease. For this reason, avoid extramarital sexual relations or marriage (prostitution, promiscuity, and same-sex or homosexual sexual relations). This disease is deadly because until now no cure has been found.

Today in the US there are 4 main killers, namely: heart disease, cancer, accidents and suicide. In 2000 AIDS was ranked first for heart disease.

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Piaget's Theory of Stages of Cognitive Development related to Spiritual Development, as follows: (1) Motorsensory Stage (under the age of 2 years). Hold this has the characteristics: the understanding of God is still vague and associated with parents, prayer can provide comfort and deepen the bond between parent, child and God, requires a loving and warm environment, not yet fully aware of conscience. (2) Preoperational Stage (ages 2-7 years). Characteristics at this stage: God is depicted by highlighting the physical features of humans, the meaning of prayer is still blurred, able to understand Bible stories that are simple so that they need props, conscience starts to clear, evaluating right and wrong as absolute and the area of spiritual growth is the formation of attitudes toward God, the Bible and the church. (3) Formal and Abstract Operational Stage (over the age of 12 years): These stages have the characteristics of: seeing God as a close friend, a person who can be trusted completely, focusing on the attributes of God (mercy, omnipresence, omnipotent and omniscient), prayer is a conversation with God in person.


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